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This website is presented to you in order to give you an even better impression about the welding capabilities of Niron Staal of high tensile steel alloys. For information about other activities we invite you to visit www.S690weldingfactory.nl

S690 structural steel (High Strength Steel - HSS) plate is a high strength, quenched and tempered fine-grain structural steel. With minimum yield strength of 690 N/mm2, this grade is intended for structural applications where weight savings is important and excellent welding properties remain. The major advantages ultimately can be found in the cost savings of the construction compared to S355 application. (see fig. 1 below)

Physical properties of this material remain good, even under high temperature conditions.

These physical properties makes S690 very appropriate for applications such as:

  • Crane construction: booms for mobile cranes
  • Components for offshore structures
  • Pressure vessels: fixed and transportable storage tanks, vessels
  • Mining equipment
  • Load-handling equipment and masts

Niron Staal has gained the required experience over the last years in building constructions and tools for offshore applications and crane components, using S690 grade steel. The experience goes as far as the metallurgical knowledge of the material in the heat effected zone of the welding seams. This knowledge has been gained in close cooperation with two of the Dutch major specialized companies in non-destructive testing and metallurgical laboratories.