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Corporate Social Responsibility Corporate Social Responsibility

CSR is part of our DNA

At Niron Staal we acknowledge our responsibility for the company's actions and strive to ensure that our activities have a positive impact on the environment, the citizens of Amsterdam – in particular those living near our premises-, employees, stakeholders and all other members of the general public who may also be considered as stakeholders. As such, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is part of our DNA. During the last decade we have been constantly involved in a variety of initiatives connected to this mission.

Waste Barometer

Niron Staal has realised considerable advances in sustainable waste management by immediately separating and handling the various waste streams from source (for instance: paper/carton, construction- and demolition waste, scrap and waste timber). Van Gansewinkel Randstad, part of the Van Gansewinkel Group, has implemented this process of sustainable waste management at Niron Staal under the title of the ‘Waste Barometer’. Since Niron Staal began using the Waste Barometer substantial savings in the processing of residual waste have been made.

Niron Staal also makes use of ‘Groene Stroom’, or ’green power’ – electricity generated from sustainable resources.

Niron Staal is also member of the following committees:

Beheergroep Cornelis Douwesterrein

The Cornelis Douwes terrain is an industrial estate, which houses Niron as well as Damen Shiprepair Amsterdam. In total 400 companies are active on this location. The Beheergroep (management group) is a sounding board and a consultation forum for these companies, and also for local and national government and authorities, including the police force and other security institutions. The topics of these consultations are, amongst others: crime prevention, infrastructure, environmental issues, hygiene and landscaping.

'Stuurgroep Duurzaamheid' Holland Shipbuilding Association

The 'Stuurgroep Duurzaamheid' Holland Shipbuilding Association (steering committee for sustainable shipbuilding in the Netherlands) is part of the Holland Shipbuilding Association, the trade association of all shipbuilding companies, repair and conversion yards and their respective supplying companies. The steering committee develops plans in the field of Corporate Social Responsibility, such as the environment, welfare, safety and sustainability in the production chain.

NDSM Energie

NDSM Energie is a foundation that aims to represent the interests of her members by developing initiatives in the field of sustainable energy. So far substantial steps have been made in energy conservation, production of sustainable energy and purchasing as well supplying sustainable energy.