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Terms of our policy

Niron Staal has developed an Environmental policy under the following terms:

  • To maintain an environmental protection system in which the responsibilities and control procedures are pre-defined, and to constantly work on improving this system.
  • To guarantee that the local population and other companies in the (immediate) vicinity of the Niron Staal location do not suffer any problems that exceed normal health and safety standards within an area in which heavy industry is usually to be found.
  • The laws and regulations have been properly implemented. However, should problems arise despite our efforts, we will solve them and ensure they will not reoccur.
  • To enter into an open dialogue with all parties who could be affected: customers, local and national authorities, local residents, shareholders and employees. This is to ensure that all relevant interests and demands connected with environmental issues are respected.
  • To carry out audits using the SHEQS-system in order to improve the 'environmental protection' within the companies involved.

EU environment regulations and changes in governmental policies in The Netherlands have resulted in industries having to operate with a higher regard towards themes such as climate change, energy-saving/CO2 reduction and a lessening of particulate production. This has, in turn, resulted in the transformation of existing regulating governmental systems into a renewed controlling government, under which businesses are expected to regulate themselves within a framework of generalised laws and rules.

Therefore Niron Staal follows the environmental policy guidelines of the Association of Netherlands Shipbuilders. The group discussions with other businesses in the same sector about environmental issues have evolved into an informative structure, which operates on chain levels, orientated towards specific themes. Niron Staal has recognised these changes and has incorporated them in the internal priority system. The environmental policies within Niron Staal are also based upon the Environment Act, the WVO (Pollution of Surface Water Act) and the Wabo (Terms for General Surrounding Area Act). The Environmental Licence also contains several organisational and structural measures, along with descriptions of activities, which Niron Staal must comply with.